Cry Havoc (Actor)

Cry Havoc is set in present-day Cairo and tells the unnerving East-West love story of a naive
British writer, Nicholas, and an Egyptian university student, Mohammed who live covertly as
lovers. Directed by Alby Michaels, the production features David Dennis, Brenda Radloff and
Gopala Davies. Surrounded by poverty, religious fundamentalism and political repression, the
play explores how these educated, morally-centred, yet disenfranchised men, pursue divergent
paths toward escape and extremism.

The History Boys (Actor)

Pieter Toerien celebrates his 500th production with Alan Bennett’s smash hit comedy
The History Boys. Set in Sheffield in the 1980’s, this immensely funny British comedy
follows the fortunes of an unruly bunch of bright sixth form boys in pursuit of a place
at Oxbridge. However, their loyalties to the popular and eccentric English teacher Hector
and the dry, prim history mistress Mrs Linnott are torn when a young, highly driven and
results orientated supply teacher, Mr Irwin, is recruited to ensure they achieve the
grades that the Headmaster is so desperate for them to realise.

Barbe Bleue (Director)

Barbe Bleue is an intermedial performance that explores the effect of madness on a
relationship. Through the combination of new media technology and adapting The
Tale of Bluebeard
, the audience is taken on a comedic and, at times, horrific journey

through tumultuous human relationships caused by mental illness. Gopala Davies,
the director of Barbe Bleue, was awarded the “Best Director” for this production at
the National Arts Festival’s 2014 student theatre programme, representing The
University of Pretoria.

Three Wall Temple (Actor)

Three Wall Temple, presented by the University of Pretoria, is an adaptation of William
Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Director Nico Scheepers says Three Wall Temple “is a movement-
based production that attempts – and only attempts – to deconstruct the Shakespeare text
using references to that plus the African version by Janice Honeyman and the film version
by Peter Greenaway. “Working with the concept of blank parody, we have created a production
that toys with narrative structure, character alignment, and notions of ‘othering’”.

Pinocchio (Actor)

The story of Pinocchio, a wooden puppet who undergoes a moral journey in order to
become a real boy, is one of the great classics of children’s literature. It’s awash with
fun, adventure and laughs – but also great lessons about love and life, and the perils
of making the wrong choices in the company we keep.